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Material Sources International (MSI) was founded in 2002 by Sheldon Liss and Jon Weiswasser combining decades of importing experience in Asia and Industrial Manufacturing. These two elements combined with highly skilled long term import specialists, extensive staff with offices on the ground in Asia and extensive relationships in the North American Automotive, Medical and Agricultural Industries became a winning combination. MSI is customer focused and all initiatives are based on the individual needs and specifications of each client and trade partner. We match our customer’s requirements with world class manufacturers providing the best quality products at the right price, delivered on time. All of our factories are socially compliant and ISO certified .


Our process begins with you. Thoroughly understanding your product, material requirements, specifications and usage is the first step in identifying the best resources to meet your needs for today and the future.


Our team of professionals on the ground in Asia will identify the best resources for your requirements. We source from manufacturers that are proven to have highest quality, state of the art processes and financial stability.


We are experts in the manufacturing process and understand the “real” cost of production. We negotiate from knowledge, experience and strength. The result? Extremely competitive, sustainable pricing from quality resources.


Experienced dedicated people on the ground in North America and Asia | Real time communication | State of the art processes
We handle all the logistics.

Our Team

Decades of importing experience in Asia and Industrial Manufacturing.

Quality. Efficiency. Integrity. Stability.
Industries we service

Industries We Service

MSI is not limited to any one industry, product or raw material. The following represents some of our areas of expertise.

Tire and Rubber

  • Reinforcements Nylon
  • Polyester fabric and yarn
  • steel tire cord and bead wire
  • Rubber SBR and Natural Rubber

Disposable Hygienic

  • Spun Bonded non Woven
  • Spun Lace
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Specialty Products


  • Specialty Packaging
  • Plastic Materials of all types


Can I find the right factory?
With offices and dedicated professionals in Asia and North America the answer is YES! MSI has proven sourcing procedures to match the best manufacturer to produce to your specifications.

How do I assure consistent quality?
MSI’s professionals audit every potential supplier for capability, capacity, quality, process control and financial stability to assure consistency. Certificates of analysis are provided with all shipments where specified.

How do I get it here on time?
MSI handles all transportation, duty (where applicable) and import logistics. Our import pipeline is completely transparent. Your product will be delivered from the factory to your door seamlessly.

What will it cost?
Our access to real time commodity and raw material pricing and trends and our decades of experience in negotiation create a competitive environment critical in obtaining the very best sustainable pricing.

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